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Teach Privately on Virtyuo: a Platform that Has it All

Discover what the world’s best musicians and their students Know

MuzikMatrix is the internet’s community of communities, all connected via the exclusive Virtyuo online teaching platform, and all sharing the passion and joys of making and teaching music.

MuzikMatrix handles scheduling, promotion, payment collection and availability of teaching materials, freeing you up to do what you do best: teach! The Virtyuo platform is the closest thing to an in-person lesson, far beyond the capabilities of Zoom, Skype and other online meeting platforms, enabling you to bring your entire studio online, saving on studio rental fees.

Our exclusive Group Class and Shared Private Lesson events management enable you to share your knowledge with a broader audience, gaining new students. The Artist and Master communities at MuzikMatrix stand shoulder to shoulder with you, enabling you to increase your teaching skills, as well as offering your students access to their online teaching materials, including group classes.

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